One Young World, The Hague 2018

“Young leaders” were attending the One Young World Summit at The Hague
One Young World, a UK-based charity was launched in 2009, sets itself to “gather together the brightest young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections to create positive change”.

Welcome to Diplomat TV

We are based in The Hague, the diplomatic capital of The Netherlands and recognised internationally as the “City of Peace and Justice.” Diplomat TV has been created to give you a unique and privileged look into the world of international diplomacy. You may have often wondered what it is that diplomats actually do behind the doors of stately buildings bedecked with colourful flags or when you see them racing through traffic with motor cycle escorts to some urgent engagement. Providing insight into these questions and many more is the purpose of Diplomat TV.


Diplomacy is defined not only as ‘the profession, activity or skill of managing international relations’, but also as ‘skill in handling affairs without arousing hostility’. Diplomats are skilled bridge builders enabling the sharing of information and ideas in the most sensitive of environments. They are not limited to just embassies, but are to be found in over two hundred international organisations in The Hague region providing an exceptionally rich international community living beside and among the native Dutch population. Diplomat TV plays the very important role of providing a connecting bridge between these two communities.  

What do the embassies and International organisations do?

What is it like to work at one?

What is it like for them living in The Netherlands?

Through our own “Young Ambassadors” Diplomat TV will be conducting behind the scenes interviews with staff and diplomats, providing a never before seen perspective on this partly obscure world. In addition to getting answers to questions Diplomat TV intends to be a forum for provocative thought, encouraging curiosity in the viewer about serious and challenging issues at an international level, and to do so diplomatically, without fearing to touch on the most sensitive and challenging issues. We desire to inspire positive change through intelligent dialogue, reflecting as many different perspectives as possible while at the same time respecting the preservation of social identity and traditions. If you are intrigued by any of these issues you will want to watch Diplomat TV.  

About Us

Diplomat TV is an exciting new media platform for the international community in the Netherlands. It features in-depth coverage of international economic and social development through interviews, portraits and behind the scenes reporting of diplomatic and international organisations and institutes here in The Hague.

Our Initiative is a docu-magazine style programme featuring “special guests” and is designed to highlight exemplary initiatives by individuals, organisations or governments in the fields of economics, social issues, education, culture and sustainable development.

While it is specifically aimed at the international community in the Netherlands, it is intended for anyone interested in the development of international relations, community and culture, with the added focus of inspiration for the younger generation.


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