We’re thrilled to announce that Beyond Chrysant has earned a prestigious nomination at the AIPH International Grower of the Year 2024, after being nominated for the Dutch Horticultural Award earlier this year. Join us as Diplomat TV takes you on a exclusive and captivating journey through the greenhouse of Beyond Chrysant, unveiling their vision behind their award-worthy blooms. “Step into the world of floral excellence with Beyond Chrysant, the Dutch grower renowned for cultivating the exquisite Baltica Chrysanthemum flower. Beyond Chrysant has not only mastered the art of horticulture but has reached new heights in floral innovation. From cutting-edge cultivation techniques to sustainable practices, witness firsthand the dedication that has propelled Beyond Chrysant to the forefront of the horticultural world. Stay tuned for our video reportage that captures the essence of Beyond Chrysant’s floral mastery.


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